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Washington Legal Foundation's LegallyBrief.com offers the public timely, easily-accessible video commentary on legal and policy developments which affect America's free enterprise system and individual and economic freedoms. Providing commentary for LegallyBrief videos will be America's leading legal professionals and others with expertise on a wide variety of substantive issues. These videos will be available on this website, as well as in WLF's library on YouTube.

LegallyBrief.com is a part of WLF's Civic Communications Program. Federal and state court decisions, regulatory changes, government enforcement actions, and lawsuits profoundly influence business and personal conduct. Unless these developments are plainly and thoroughly explained to the general public and other involved parties, complex doctrines and legalese often confound the issues.

WLF developed the Civic Communications Program to enhance the public's understanding of high-profile cases and legal matters. It is a multi-faceted public education campaign which utilizes various forms of media to communicate WLF's message. In addition to our comprehensive website, www.wlf.org, WLF reaches millions of print media readers through its "In All Fairness" column, which appears monthly on the op-ed page of the national edition of The New York Times, and through the placement of advocacy ads in national newspapers and periodicals.

LegallyBrief.com is an outgrowth of another facet of WLF's Civic Communications Program, its series of webcast Media Noshes and Webinars. Media Nosh and Webinar programs feature analysis and commentary by legal professionals and other experts on a wide range of issues and developments. The programs are webcast live through WLF's website, and then conveniently archived for on-demand viewing.

For more information on WLF's Civic Communications Program and to access our archive of advocacy ads, advertorials, and webcast programs, go to http://www.wlf.org/Communicating/.

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